With over 100 groundbreaking sessions across more than a dozen tracks, HLTH leads the industry narrative across healthcare. HLTH embraces the latest technologies, trends and business models as well as the rapid transformation that Payers, Providers, Employers, Pharma, Government and Startups are experiencing today. Key Themes are highlighted below to drive the debate and discussion.

Working with Government

Healthcare government business and policy experts will catch us up on the progress Trump has made, and walk us through the anticipated changes in healthcare policy in the year ahead.

  • The New Winners and Losers
  • Eligibility and Shifting Membership Pools
  • The Unsustainable Cost of Government Programs
  • Scenario Planning for Future Changes in Healthcare Policy
  • Inevitability of Ongoing Changes to ACA in a Divided Government

Question: What sage insight and advice do experts have for those impacted by Trumpcare?

Paying for Value

Discuss successes, failures and learnings of payment models that require contractually aligned incentives, evidence-based decision-making, and orchestrated coordination across the healthcare ecosystem.

  • Eliminating Clinical Variation
  • Redefining Value and Quality
  • The Role of the Consumer in Compliance
  • Addressing the 5% Who Account for 80% of Utilization
  • 360º Models Incorporating Medical, Behavioral and Dental

Question: Who is implementing strategies, programs and solutions that ensure we are paying for value derived, rather than simply services delivered?

Transformative Technology

Hear from some of the first movers who are exploring the use of transformational technologies that are ripe for re architecting and reimagining the entire healthcare industry.

  • Block-chain
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning and Sensing
  • Cognitive Computing and Natural Language Processing

Question: Where are Ai, IoT, cognitive computing, and other smart technologies being applied in healthcare and how fast are they gaining adoption?

Transformation of Employer Benefits

Discover the best benefit designs, services and programs that employers are implementing to lower medical spend, improve quality of care, engage employees and, ultimately, align the benefits offered to the value provided.

  • Lowering Medical Spend
  • Improving Quality of Care
  • Aligning Benefit Plans to Value
  • Employee Engagement in Wellness
  • Strengthening the Role of Self-Insured Groups

Question: What are the most effective employee benefit strategies and solutions that result in happy, healthy, and productive employers at an affordable cost?

Shifting Roles, Strategies and Business Models

Learn firsthand how the megatrend of shifting roles amongst payers, providers, employers, vendors - and even the government - are forcing health companies to reevaluate who their ideal targets are for the future. We explore:

  • Redefining Value Propositions
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Incubators
  • Developing a Health and Wealth Value Proposition
  • Blurring Roles Amongst Payers, Providers and Employers
  • Competing Against New and Disruptive Market Entrants

Question: How will new business models, relationships and strategies alter the face of cooperation, co-opetition, and competition?

The Promise of Data to Deliver

Explore some of the most progressive uses of data within the healthcare industry by organizations who were determined to make good on the promise of data.

  • The Merits of Data Governance
  • Leveraging Non-Healthcare Data
  • Removing Obstacles to Data Sharing
  • Cyber and Other Data Security Threats
  • Right Data, Right Time, Right Decisions

Question: How is data being aggregated, analyzed, and leveraged in a secure manner to enable smarter decision-making across the entire healthcare ecosystem?

Personalizing Healthcare

See which companies are pivoting to better address the unique needs of individuals through more personalized health and wellness solutions, services, tools, and applications.

  • Individualized Wellness
  • Holistic Health and Nutrition
  • Focusing on Patient Experience
  • Individualizing Packaging and Marketing
  • Equipping Consumers to Manage Health and Wealth

Question: What are the most successful healthcare products, solutions and services that provide the most personalized and beneficial health experiences and outcomes?

Nontraditional Healthcare Entrants

Hear nontraditional healthcare entrants companies who are achieving success through the introduction of technologies and strategies that have proven successful in other consumer-centric industries (such as retail, banking, travel and transportation) to the health industry.

  • Retail
  • Mobile
  • Digital Commerce and Online
  • Wearables, Monitors and Tracking Devices
  • Connected Homes, Autos and Public Environments

Question: Will companies from other industries disintermediate consumers’ from their existing healthcare relationships and gain a greater share of consumers’ mindshare and pocketbook?

Innovations Revolutionizing Healthcare

HLTH attendees will be exposed to the many innovations revolutionizing healthcare. Innovations to be targeted and discussed in greater detail include:

  • Robotics
  • 3D Printing
  • Surround Health
  • Ingestible Health
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Telemedicine

Question: What innovations will revolutionize the way we experience healthcare and make health-related decisions?

Innovations in Pharma

Navigate innovations in pharma, including new drug discoveries, promising to save lives or help consumers manage illness, including innovative means to curb high costs and excessive abuses.

  • The Value Proposition
  • Efficiency in Pharmaceuticals
  • Managing the Escalating Costs of Drugs
  • Long Development and Expensive Trials
  • Most Important Commercially Available Developments

Question: What innovations in pharma are addressing the escalating costs and abusive use of drugs, without sacrificing the beneficial application of prescription medications.


See how industry innovators are making rapid advances in the understanding and application of genomics to detect, monitor, prevent or cure biologically-based genetic disorders, chronic diseases, and other health ailments.

  • Ethics of Genomics
  • The Value of Genetic Testing
  • The Next Frontier of Genetics
  • Most Promising Breakthroughs
  • Top Conditions Being Addressed

Question: What breakthroughs in genomics are being applied to combat - or even cure - biologically-based genetic disorders and diseases?

Behavioral Health

Learn about industry incumbents and startups who are integrating medical and behavioral health and changing the way conditions are diagnosed, treated and covered for those who suffer.

  • Personalized Behavioral Health
  • Integrating Behavioral and Medical Care
  • Addressing the Opioid and Addiction Crisis
  • Moving Away from FFS and Towards Whole Health Care
  • Generational Variances in Diagnosing and Treating Mental Health

Question: How far have we come and where are we headed in treating the whole person - mind, body and spirit - for those who suffer from mental and behavioral health conditions?

Administrative Modernization

Get a closer look at how payers, providers, payers, and pharma organizations are taking advantage of the latest administrative technologies and strategies to combat legacy stagnation and inefficiency.

  • Learning from Other Industries
  • Leveraging Platforms and As-A-Service Solutions
  • Shifting from Owning to Leveraging Technologies
  • Eliminating the Need for Non-Value-Added Processes
  • Infusing New IT Talent, Skills, Technologies and Strategies

Question: What technologies are removing excessive healthcare administrative labor and processing costs, while improving overall operational performance and freeing up precious IT dollars for innovation?

Addressing the Aging U.S. Population

Learn how organizations are preparing for this demographic tsunami by reinventing in-home, hospice, and other end-of-life solutions to take care of The Greatest Generation.

  • The Real Cost of Dying
  • The Growth in Home Healthcare
  • The Connected Senior Population
  • Growth and Reinvention of Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Non-Healthcare Resources to Support the Aging Population

Question: How is the healthcare industry reimagining how we care for the largest and fastest growing U.S. population of older adults?

A Worldwide View of Healthcare

Explore what appears to be working in other parts of the world and what the U.S. healthcare industry can learn and leverage within the confines of a highly-regulated industry.

  • What Works in Other Countries?
  • Tradeoffs Between Access and Cost
  • Best Practices the US Can Learn From
  • Healthcare Defined in Other Countries
  • Impact of Lifestyles on Health Care and Cost

Question: What can we learn from other countries about how to improve care and lower healthcare costs - even in our highly regulated U.S. healthcare system?