HEP Strategic Investing Summit at HLTH: Executive Playbook

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Featuring: Ezra Mehlman and Dave Tamburri


The last five years have seen an explosion of health systems and health plan-based venture and innovation funds. The migration to new payment models, a rapidly consolidating competitive landscape, and sweeping uncertainties surrounding the “future state” of healthcare coverage have led many payers and providers to aggressively seek opportunities “outside the core” for growth.


Ezra Mehlman and Dave Tamburri, two healthcare growth equity investors and professors at Columbia Business School, will deliver a curriculum for hospital and health plan senior executives who are interested in standing up and operating strategic venture funds.

In the course of the examination, they will:

  • Evaluate the universe of options accessible to CEOs interested in launching such investment groups
  • Draw upon the best practices and perspectives of systems who have operated strategic venture funds–as well as hone in on the myriad pitfalls to avoid in standing one up
  • Conduct a deep dive of how strategic investing fits into the broader healthcare PE and VC landscape,
  • Review approaches towards valuing early-stage healthcare companies, term sheet basics, investment process and due diligence management, and how to be a good strategic customer-investor partner to your portfolio companies
  • Conclude with a live case study drawing upon the lessons from the curriculum


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