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HLTH is the seminal new event that’s helping drive much-needed change and disruption in healthcare.  We help bridge the current gap between innovators and investors in healthcare – with unique interactions, networking, and opportunities to present.

With more than 2,000 healthcare attendees from corporations, investors and academia expected, we have the industry’s best lineup of 300+ speakers, including more than 150 CEOs (see them here). We also have a world-class agenda that includes over 100 sessions across more than a dozen tracks (view here).


At HLTH, we recognize the importance of innovations by healthcare academics with our HLTH Academic Discoveries program which will be showcased in our Innovators’ Alley section of the exhibit hall.


HLTH Academic Discoveries

The HLTH Academic Discoveries program showcases the ideas and work of innovators, visionaries and researchers [across university campuses] who are creating the next generation of healthcare. Our Innovators’ Alley brings the work of great thinkers to those who can buy, fund or mentor their work. You can join Innovators’ Alley to meet with fellow healthcare innovators, investors and companies by submitting and displaying a poster,  or submitting an academic paper for publication in the International Journal of Innovation Science.  Of course, if you do not have a paper or poster, but would like to experience a unique conference, have the opportunity to network and visit Innovators’ Alley as an attendee , you can register using the blue registration link at the top of this page.



Posters:  Submit an abstract (500 words or less) per poster.  Posters selected will have the opportunity to present their poster in HLTH’s Innovators Alley and be eligible for the prize.

Papers:  Papers will be submitted to The International Journal of Innovation Science (IJIS for a HLTH special edition), a fully indexed, peer reviewed journal here.  Papers selected for publication in the special HLTH edition of the IJIS will have the opportunity to present their paper at HLTH 2018, in Innovators’ Alley.  Papers not selected for the IJIS special issue may still be selected for a poster to be presented on site.


In addition to the posters, papers and speaking opportunities, submissions will also be judged across three categories for an award:

  1. Best Student Idea – $5,000 award
  2. Best Professional Idea – $5,000 award
  3. Best Idea of the Show – $10,000 award

Please note that both poster abstracts and research papers must be submitted by March 31, 2018 to be considered.


All approved submissions to present (whether poster or paper) to HLTH, must also purchase a ticket to the 2018 event. Emails confirming acceptance of a poster or paper, will include registration information at a special rate for you and others from your organization who want to come attend, network, and support you at HLTH.

Research papers should be submitted directly to the International Journal of Innovation Sciences (here) and will be reviewed through the standard double blind review process. If you do not already have an ORCID account with ScholarOne Manuscripts, please follow the link above to create an account in order to submit your abstract now, and research paper when it’s ready, (deadline 3/31/18).

For questions about the process please contact us at HLTH@ircadvisory.com.









Dr. Brett Trusko
President & CEO, International Association of Innovation Professionals









David VanKleek
General Retired, Professor Engineering Rice University









Annie Lamont
Managing Partner, Oak HC/FT









Dr. Joe Jilka
Entrepreneur & Technology Transfer Consultant









Rodney Boehm
Professor of Practice and Industry Mentor at Texas A&M University



Please register as quickly as possible as the poster space in the Innovators’ Alley is limited, allocated and prioritized by date of registration.

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